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Send us physical media:
Eliot Handelman, 884 St. Joseph, Lachine, QC, H8S 2M4
(send two copies if you can, one for Where’s the Beat,
one for the CKUT library)

Call us in the on-air studio: 514-448-4013


3 Comments to “Contact”

  1. Hi Eliot,
    I just listened to your podcast (very interesting, btw) of November 16, 2011, which the listings read as including an untitled work by Bob Pritchard. I’m perplexed at how the CD I sent would have been mislabeled, but to clarify, the work broadcast was the first movement of “Sensational Revolution in Medicine”, by Aaron Gervais.


  2. We’ll offer an official correction on the show tomorrow, and maybe something else by you?

  3. Love this show. Just heard you two self-depreciating on air asking for listener feedback. Your dynamic makes this show hilarious. Your interests are relevant to mine, but it’s not often you talk about something I’m overly-familiar with. I hope this show is required listening for Composition students. Loved the show for years (started listening in 2011). Your feedback- while often cutting and hilarious- is through a very specific lens. You are critiquing composition, and I wonder sometimes whether artists who submit works you pan understand that. Or maybe they take themselves too seriously, who knows? Anywho, love the show. So much.

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