Dec 11, 2013

  1. Dalglish (Chris Douglas) – Venpin
  2. Schoenberg Op.24 No.5
  3. Hanns Jelinek – Dodecaphonic
  4. Hans Erich Apostel – Adagio
  5. Hanns Eisler – Kleine Sinfonie; National Anthem of East Germany
  6. Pierre Boulez – Le marteau sans maitre
  7. Matthew Welch – Sudamela for Bagpipe and Orchestra; Blarvuster – High Street
  8. Rufus Harley – A Love Supreme (Bagpipes)
  9. Autechre – Flep
  10. Anna Thorvaldsdottir – Shades of Silence; Hidden, Inwards; Aeriality
  11. Ligeti – Apparitions

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