July 25 / 2012

  1. Detlev Müller-Siemens – Under Neonlight II
  2. Ravel – Concerto for Left Hand (Wittgenstein ; Hamelin)
  3. FractMus – Whiskey-a-gogo
  4. Hans Jürgen von Bose – Orchestervariationen
  5. Brent Lee – Shadow Variations
  6. Jean Guillou – Icare
  7. Paul McCartney and Carl Davis – Liverpool Oratorio

One Comment to “July 25 / 2012”

  1. Aren’t the GMU Austrians, who claim to be part of the Misesian tradition, part of the “Ceohsphera”?Wten was the last time you heard a GMU Austrian talking about fractional reserve or the ABCT?And how is Glenn Greenwald part of the “fever swamp”?One word: Bushitler.

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