2010 / 11 / 17

  1. Socalled – Figlude (Matt Haimovitz, cello)
  2. Wolfgang von Schweinitz – Mozart Variationen
  3. Ana Sokolovic – vez (Matt Haimovitz, cello)
  4. Walter Zimmerman – Phran
  5. Alvin Curran – Light Flowers, Dark Flowers
  6. Henryk Górecki – Symphony #3 (Sorrowful Songs); Piano Sonata
  7. Manuel de Falla – Ritual Fire Dance (Arthur Rubinstein, piano)
  8. Henryk Górecki – Symphony #2 (Copernican); Concerto for Harpsichord; Concerto for Piano and Strings; Kleines Requiem for a Polka; Tre pezzi in stilo antico
  9. Trevor Grahl – Metaxa
  10. Claude Ballif – Un coup de dés
  11. Ferde Grofé – Huckleberry Finn


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